Carter Jay | Birth

January 5th, 2017

Stats: Born @ 1:26pm; 6 lbs. 15 oz.; 20.5″ long & HEALTHY!

This little man has completely stolen my heart. Once you have a toddler running around your home, you quickly forget about how small they once were (and rather quiet in comparison haha!). Having a nephew is a whole new ball game for me now that he’s made me a first time aunt. It’s truly the most incredible feeling ever to be an aunt (not just because I can hand him back to his momma when he cries and poops 😉 ). So thankful for such a healthy little man!

This is the first birth I’ve ever witnessed (besides my daughters, which was actually a C-section-(breech baby)). I have to say, it was the most beautiful, amazing, emotional thing I’ve ever been apart of. Not only that, but to watch my baby sister become a mommy was overwhelming in the most incredible way. She has without a doubt, blown me away over the past 9months. She had a great many struggles at a young age for several years with different addictions & rebellious nature that I could never even begin to understand, which caused a great deal of frustration at times not understanding certain choices she would make. But once she found out she was caring for such a tiny & precious life inside her, a switch flipped. It was honestly as quick as turning on and off a light it seemed, which made it seem too good to be true. She has since been sober and has beyond stepped up to the plate to becoming a mother. She loves this little man with her entire existence and is only concerned about his needs and what she needs to do to meet them. My heart has found such an overwhelming new level of joy watching her transition to being a mommy and getting to be there with her through it. She is already an incredible mother and I know I’m going to so enjoy continuing to watch her grow in motherhood to my sweet nephew. I am beyond proud of the woman she is growing into as she begins to make adult choices about her life ahead of her and the things she wants to achieve to better life for her son and herself. Her potential & all she can (and will) achieve has no limits. I am so proud to call her my sister. She is strong, bold & courageous and the sky is truly the limit for her. Love her & Carter to pieces and I’m so thankful to have had the chance to witness such a miracle taking place. God has such big plans for her & Carter and I can’t wait to see that plan unfold!

Soon after her epidural kicked in. And she was determined to give me silly looks every time the camera was in her direction. I’ve been dealing with that for years with her so it was no surprise to me that she’d continue that tradition 😉

A grandma anxiously waiting for her first grandson to arrive… (as we all were!) And my mom will probably kill me for posting a picture of her without her approval first lol

Mommy meets baby Carter finally.

I’m hoping he’ll continue to look at the camera for Auntie 😉 Such a handsome little man!

This photo is beyond beautiful to me…The tears running down her cheeks meeting her son…

The bubble king @ only a few minutes old

“I love baby Carter sooooo much!” -cousin Emma

When you have a busy toddler, Grandma takes her out of the room and she returns with a candy cane in hand. Yeah, the sugar should help her calm down for sure…


Welcome to world sweet Carter Jay. The world just got that much better & will never be the same again; we are so grateful for that!