If I haven’t said it enough before, I LOVE my job with such a passion! There are so many different parts of my job that I so greatly enjoy, but at the top of that list is photographing young children. With having two little ones of my own and quickly experiencing how fast it goes, getting the opportunity to photograph and captured those moments for other parents and their family brings me such a deep sense of joy. To see those smiling faces, to capture how tiny their little hands and feet are and then to also continue photographing them and watch them grow and develop their personalities is such an immense blessing to me.

This family has become so very near and dear to my heart. They are the sweetest and most down to earth family. Ada is the youngest with 3 older and just as adorable siblings and getting to know them has been so much fun! Ada turned 9 months old and braved the rather cold spring we’ve been experiencing in Indiana and she was such a champ!! Her mom Is the sweetest and extremely creative lady! She came up with the insanely adorable idea for this session with Ada’s sweet bonnet and overalls and wanted to include their two new baby goats! I about melted when she told me the idea she had for this and was so excited and prayed so hard the weather would cooperate enough! Of course, it came with the small obstacle of getting two baby goats to sit still (Ada, of course, was an angel through it all, even when the goats were smelling her face) but it made it all the more fun! Her short studio session, she was perfect and gave tons of sweet smiles, melting my heart instantly!

I can’t thank this sweet family enough for letting me be apart of such a precious time in their busy lives, being able to watch their beautiful family grow and having the honor of photographing those ever fleeting moments. And it makes me even more thankful for my “job” because it has opened the door to so many friendships and I feel so blessed to be able to call this dear family, my friends.


And sweet Ada, slow down sweet one! You are already growing way too fast!