Brandon & Katie Tie The Knot

This couple had an absolutely beautiful & perfect day! I always get nervous that the later it gets in the year, the more iffy weather can be, but that definitely wasn’t the case for this October wedding! Sunny skies (creating some gorgeous lighting for this couples photos) and great temperatures created a very cozy day to celebrate their marriage. So many beautiful moments had throughout the day and I feel so honored to have just a peek inside their lives and be able to witness this couple joining together as one and being surrounded by so many laughs from their friends and family as they celebrated with them. Cosgray Christmas Trees, LLC did not disappoint, such an incredibly beautiful venue with so many neat things that they offered! The barn for the reception was just perfect and decorated with so many GORGEOUS details (I was in Heaven getting to photography all these beautiful details)!! Kudos to Katie’s sister, Heather (MOH), who did a fabulous job with those beautiful details!! So much work goes into one day, and I’m beyond thankful for the opportunity to be able to help preserve those memories and details after everything is taken down at the end of the day. I can guarantee that this is a day Brandon & Katie will never forget with it being packed full of so many wonderful & happy moments! And I know that they will be creating so many more wonderful memories as they begin their future together! Such a truly sweet, beautiful & fantastic couple, and I wish you both all the best!


As I went through to do some edits on the photos below, I always have different/random thoughts that can run through my mind as I relive the day and I just thought I would share them wit you as well!


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The details in this dress were just stunning!


Bailey was such a sweetheart and she loved looking at all the beautiful details in the dress too, it was so precious!


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All the sweet little ring bearers & flower girls were just adorable & they were always filled with smiles!


Hands down, THE COOLEST ring holder ever!


Gorgeous rings & gorgeous bouquet go hand in hand!

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I’d say he’s surrounded by good friends, he was peer pressured into sitting in the truck!

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This little powered truck is seriously the coolest thing ever! I learned that it actually came in black, so Brandon had it painted and added the smoke stack on it to match his truck! How awesome is that!

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I learned afterwards that they had to be lured out of the truck with candy, can’t say I blame them!


Seriously, the most precious little flower girls ever!

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The Unity Cross, as they combined to separate pieces and joined them together to make one.

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Just giving the adorable & handsome ring bearer/nephew some love


All of these kids did such an amazing job & were all so sweet!

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Such a fun wedding party that kept me laughing literally the entire time…Never a dull moment!


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“Get a picture of us in the car,” talk about perfect timing!


They were willing to humor me thankfully 😉

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The anticipated moment of either nice or messy


She chose nice, he chose messy…


So she got revenge 😉 Well done Katie!


You should always kiss after a fight 😉 Or if the other has delicious cake on their face, it’s a win, win!

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