This little man is seriously just the cutest little guy ever and is not lacking in constant expressions. My favorite though seems to be the one he shows most often, his completely terrified face. His eyes get so huge and it just cracks me up! I love that I get to watch this little man grow up, as well as watching my baby sister raise him and be such an amazing mommy! Carter is definitely not lacking love, that’s for sure! He’s been a bit fussy from the get go, so we waited a little while before getting his pictures done and then time flew by and he was a month old, so sleepy photos were not in the cards for us for his “session.” So I was able to catch many of his “terrified” expressions, multiple times over haha! Be prepared to see more photos of his adorable little face in the future, because like my daughter Emma, there’s a photographer in the family that just can’t resist their cuteness! 😉

He had to have a bath before pictures, so I just resist adding this cuteness to the bunch 😉 

He reminds me of a frightened baby dinosaur!

He’s a super hero & knows it 😉

If you read my post from Carter’s birth, you’ll have seen a similar picture to this of my sister making faces & now it looks like it just may be hereditary 😉