This session was just filled with sweetness! A momma and her two baby girls…filled with kisses, hugs & laughter (& killer attacking mosquitoes)! So much beauty in those sweet unexpected moments…It just melts my heart looking at these and the love these two sisters have for one another, such a beautiful thing!

I know your heart is over flowing with the love you have for these two precious little girls, Emily…thank you for letting me capturing those sweet moments for you! You’re little girls were so sweet & adorable & I loved getting to work with you all!

campbell-1-of-15 campbell-15-of-15 campbell-14-of-15 campbell-13-of-15 campbell-12-of-15 campbell-11-of-15 campbell-10-of-15 campbell-9-of-15 campbell-8-of-15 campbell-7-of-15 campbell-6-of-15 campbell-5-of-15 campbell-4-of-15 campbell-3-of-15 campbell-2-of-15

I just love Parker’s expressions in these, she couldn’t have timed them better!