Sweet little Holden is all boy and was such a blast to take pictures of and to get to follow him around on his little adventures through Culver. Culver has a great deal of meaning to this little man and his dad and they’ll both get to look back at all the fun they’ve both had frequently visiting such a beautiful and amazing area! They have an amazing condo and boat to have a great deal of summer fun as a nice little get away! I felt so honored to have been asked to be apart of that, as well as Jon asking my little family to join them in exploring such a neat and special place! We got to check out the beautiful school campus (endless photographing opportunities!) and the near by park! Then we all enjoyed an extremely relaxing boat ride with a beautiful sunset and Jon and Holden’s favorite restaurant in town (LakeHouse Grille gets 5 stars in our book!!). An evening full of fun and smiles and lots of running to keep up with Holden! Such a wonderful evening with great company and some awesome photos of this little stud! Holden, you are growing up way too fast and I look forward to watching him & Emma become good friends!!

Just as a small note, I can rarely get my daughter to smile for a photo (It might have to do with me ALWAYS wanting photos of her lol), but after she saw what a pro Holden was, she was actually willing (and asked!!) to have some photos of her where she even smiled for me WHILE looking at the camera! Thanks Holden, you’re the best! 😉

A huge thanks to Jon & Holden for a wonderful evening with friends!

Proof of Emma smiling WHILE looking at the camera, one happy momma!

These two were THE cutest together!! (And they are exactly one month apart!)