It has been such an honor to get to know this sweet couple over the last several months. They are so sweet & sincere and their love for one another is so real. I love watching couples at they become engaged to when they share in their first dance as husband and wife. So many beautiful moments between them that you can’t duplicate and that are as real as they come as you watch them light up when they see each other. Isaac & Abbey’s day was beautiful and full of so many family and friends that you could tell truly love them and support them, as well as wonderful weather (always a plus!). It’s also so obvious how important to Isaac & Abbey it was to be surrounded by their family & friends and how much they truly care and love them too! A beautiful couple inside and out & I was thrilled to be able to witness something so sweet & so beautiful. I wish you two all the best in your future as Mr. & Mrs. & thank you for asking me to capture your special day!

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