Summer for the Tanner’s has been a whirlwind of busyness with camping, potty training our 2.5 year old (slowly, although this week she has been rocking it!!!), and Jake built Emma a play area I call “The Ark,” and with all this rain, I’ve been pretty convinced it will come in handy. For me, things have been super busy with several weddings, and many other sessions which have been a blast! And just when things started to get a little quite for a short time in July, we found out….

A new little one will be joining our family March 23, 2017 making us a family of 4! We could’t be more thrilled! And big sister is rooting for a baby brother.

emma-4-of-4 emma-3-of-4 emma-2-of-4 emma-1-of-4

After working on updating my website for well over a month with some tech issues and what not, after finding out we were expecting, I thought this would be the perfect blog to start the new site with!

With this wonderful news, things will be changing up a little bit for my photography and there will be fewer sessions offered from January until possibly mid to late summer 2017 while I adjust to taking care of two little children & keeping up with our home & my business.

As of right now, we are not planning on finding out the gender of this baby.

And very thankfully my morning sickness is finally easing up! (My many apologies to those who have been waiting to receive their images, it’s been a little rough but I’m finally feeling like it just might get better and I’m trying to get pictures done as fast as possible).


Jake, Melissa, Emma & Baby