When the kids hopped out of the vehicle, I was shocked at how much they have grown!! Time, PLEEEASSSEE slow down!!

They were so much fun to get to work with as always and the kids listened so well and gave such big & beautiful smiles!! And the laughter they had was so contagious, especially when Beau would give his “funny” laugh! That kid is a riot and I think Dave & Casie will have their hands full when he grows older haha! Such an incredibly sweet and dear family and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to get to work with them again!! They are truly beautiful family inside & out!!

And as always, Hamstra Gardens¬†never disappoints! The options of photographs you can take there are just endless with so much beauty everywhere you turn! Casie said it reminded her of the book “The Secret Garden’ and I couldn’t agree more! A hidden treasure to say the least!


That rainbow!!