Being asked to take pictures and photograph such special moments in others lives’ is always such an honor and feels unreal that this passion of mine is also my job! Getting paid to do what you love is always a bonus 😉

When this sweet family asked me to photograph their family, it made my heart leap for joy that they asked me! Getting the opportunity to be around this wonderful & kind family is the best! They are just the absolute sweetest family and I love getting to be around them! They truly hold a very special place in my heart to say the least. With every click of the camera, I just felt closer and closer to tearing up when you get to see a family in such special and intimate moments such as those kisses on the cheek from little ones, watching kids light up with laughter when they get tickled and so on. Those candid moments you don’t always get to capture at home are so special and I personally love them more than the “look here & smile!” photos (although those are always wall worthy as well!). I could go on forever and become very sappy if I don’t stop and just show the pictures of this sweet and wonderful family…without further ado, the Vollmer crew!

vollmer-9-of-31vollmer-6-of-31 vollmer-5-of-31 vollmer-2-of-31 vollmer-1-of-31 vollmer-31-of-31 vollmer-8-of-31 vollmer-10-of-31 vollmer-11-of-31

vollmer-13-of-31 vollmer-14-of-31 vollmer-15-of-31 vollmer-16-of-31 vollmer-17-of-31 vollmer-23-of-31 vollmer-19-of-31 vollmer-21-of-31 vollmer-27-of-31 vollmer-29-of-31

And might I just add, these two are AMAZING parents and they have some strong amazing genetics too! Beautiful people inside and out who have passed that on to their three incredibly sweet & adorable babies!!!